Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the fence between my neighbors yard and mine?

The standard protocal is the fence post are set on the owners property, however, when fences are installed by builders this is not always the case. Buyers sometimes ask to have the front of the fence facing their they dont' see the side with the posts.

Since both property owners benefit from the privacy fence we recomend that neighbors work together and share in the expense of the repairs. Here are a few contractors that might be able to help out in the needed repairs:

Mike Praytor 979-587-1370

Kevin Hester  979-777-2121

Josh Pannell   979-436-2006

What is the difference between a Condo and a Townhome?

Our community is a townhome community, in summary the property owner is responsible to take care of all interior and exterior maintenance of that property.  Please see this page for a summary of the difference between a Condo and a Townhome.

 Who do I contact about a street light being out?

The city of College Station Utilities Department maintains the street lights. Requests to repair a street light can be reported on their website here.

Who do I contact about a street drainage issue, parking concern or traffic light issue?

The City of College Station has a place to report these issues on their website here.

How do I get a key to my mailbox?

Cluster mailboxes are owned and maintained by the US Postal Service. You will need to go to the Post Office at 2130 Harvey Mitchell Pkwy S in College Station to get your keys. You will need to take a copy of your lease, if it is a rental, or your closing documents, if you are the homeowner. If you are the first owner of a newly built home there is no charge for the keys. If this home is pre-owned or you are renting and have not received keys from the landlord then the cost to re-key the lock is $25.00.

Can I have a garage sale?

The HOA has no restrictions on garage sales, we request that you do not place the signage on street signs, stop signs or light post. Any signs need to be removed by the end of the day. Please see the link regarding the City of College Station's Code of Ordinances on Garage Sales. Click here to see the City of College Station code ordinance.

Who do I contact about an animal or noise complaint?

Please see document attached below. Thank you!

Are Basketball goals permitted?

Basketball goals are not permitted in Spring Creek Townhomes. Due to concerns regarding noise, games encroaching on neighboring driveways, interference with parking in driveways and garages, and the safety of children chasing balls into the street, it has been decided by the ACC committee and Board of Directors that they will not be allowed. Any play equipment or temporary structures must be approved by the ACC committee prior to placement or installation. Requests for ACC approval should be submitted to the management office via email at

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